Everyone wants to be comfortable in their own home. Choosing the right heating and air conditioning system is an important component of ensuring that comfort. Depending on your HVAC system and the climate that you live in, it can take a considerable chunk of the monthly budget to keep your family snug in the winter and cool in the summer. If you live in a moderate climate, however, there is an excellent alternative to traditional heating and cooling equipment. We would like to introduce you to the benefits of the heat pump.

Heat Pump Air Conditioning

Many people are not familiar with the heat pump, an energy-efficient choice, suitable for use in climates that have moderate heating and cooling needs. These cost-effective units work on the same principle as your refrigerator: moving heat from a cool space, making it cooler, and making the warm space warmer. Placed in use during the heating season, they bring available heat from the cool outdoors into your warm home, making your home warmer.

Despite its misleading name, a heat pump can effectively cool your home during the warm months of summer. Because it simply transfers thermal energy from both cold and warm spaces, it can remove heat from your home in the summer just as well as it brings heat in from the outdoors in the winter.

Cost Savings

Choosing a heat pump as a substitute for an air conditioning unit works well in moderate climates, and it can save you money on your energy bills. It is also advantageous to install a heat pump in addition to a traditional air conditioning system, if the temperatures are moderate for a good portion of the year. You can use the air conditioning only during the hottest weeks of the cooling season.

The higher efficiency rating a particular unit offers, the more expensive the initial installation will be. However, by selecting a model that has an excellent efficiency rating, you will realize savings more quickly than you might expect and continue to save cash for years to come.

At Trenary Service Company of Boonsboro, MD, we install Rheem heat pumps, the highest quality products on the market. By doing so, we know that you will not only be satisfied with the efficiency and cost savings on your monthly energy bills but also that your savings will not be eaten up with frequent service calls and repairs.

Decisions, Decisions

Once you decide that purchasing a heat pump is a good option for you, you will need to determine which type is best suited to your needs. Most units are air-sourced heat pumps. These work well in homes that have duct work and are also available in a ductless version. Several other designs are available, including geothermal heat pumps and gas-fired, or absorption heat pumps. There are even units that are compatible radiant floor heating systems.

To ascertain the right unit for your particular situation, contact your HVAC professionals at Trenary Service Company. We can help you to determine what model will be the perfect fit for your home, and you can begin to pocket the savings on your energy bills immediately!