If you are building a new home, you know there are about a million things to keep you busy in the construction process and about ten million reasons to be awake at night worrying. Sometimes the things you cannot see, like HVAC setup, may become lost in the shuffle that can be a burden in the future, considering your home builds around the layout.

HVAC plays a major part in how comfortable you and your family will be year-round. If your HVAC system is not well designed or installed, comfort issues will be a problem you will face, an issue most people would like to completely bypass.

At Trenary Service Company of Hagerstown, MD, we have the skills and knowledge you expect and deserve to make sure you have the top-functioning HVAC system in your custom home. With so many different options and technologies available for home installation, it can sometimes be confusing as to what is best for your custom home. What should you look for in an HVAC system?

Know Your Options

If you are building a custom home, the options available for HVAC systems are limitless. Integrating your HVAC system into the custom home layout determines where specialized treatment of heating and cooling systems takes precedence.

What is the best HVAC system to suit your needs? When it comes to HVAC equipment and duct systems, there are plenty of options to choose from. Different families have different needs, and once you determine what is best for yours, the decision will be easier.

Check out hydronic heating. The most common hydronic systems are steam and hot water radiators, which are cheaper to run. You can control individual temperatures. Hydronic systems are quieter than normal HVAC systems, and they are better for allergy sufferers because the system does not pull air throughout the entire home as one unit.

Unlike hydronic systems, high velocity duct systems run throughout the entire home and supply heat and cool air to several different rooms. This means a less expensive installation cost, better humidity control, and quieter operation. While both HVAC systems get the job done, the freedom of control and price play a big part in the decision you make.

If you are torn right now, consider a new method of HVAC that is slowly taking over the heating of homes. It is called radiant floor heating. No vents, no spreading of allergens, no noisy machinery. This method deploys heat directly from the ground of your home to warm the occupants inside.

Be Well-Informed

If you have a custom home project in the works, the last thing you want to do is start having doubts about the HVAC system you are going to use. A well-informed decision is always best. It is up to you to determine what HVAC systems available on the market satisfy your personal needs.

If you have questions, or would like to learn more about the variety of HVAC systems for custom homes, contact us at Trenary Service Company in Hagerstown, MD. We will be happy to explain the different options so you can make the best choice for you and your family’s comfort for years to come.