Homeowners and business owners have a wide range of furnace options, and choosing the right one is an important decision. Electric, propane, oil, and natural gas are all options open to consumers. If you are considering a gas furnace, you should keep some things in mind while making your decision.

The Benefits of Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are a popular choice among consumers because of their high efficiency. Gas furnaces begin to heat the area immediately, whereas electric furnaces have a delay between being switched on and heating the room. Electric furnaces also do not perform as well as their natural gas counterparts, especially in extremely low temperatures, and are much more economical to operate. In fact, natural gas is, in many areas, the least expensive option for heating your home or business.

One factor to keep in mind, however, is that gas furnaces are, on average, more expensive than electric or oil furnaces of comparable sizes. Later savings in energy costs offset this higher upfront price, but the larger initial investment may be a concern for some consumers. Gas furnaces also tend to have a shorter lifespan than electric or oil.

Because gas furnaces are dependent on nearby pipelines to supply their fuel, consumers must also make sure that they are located near enough to a gas supply before choosing this option. A quick Internet search can determine whether gas is a viable option for your home or business.

Installing Your Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces’ dependence on a nearby pipeline makes their installation particularly tricky. These types of furnaces should only be installed by trained heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians. These trained professionals have all of the experience and knowledge needed to safely and efficiently install your furnace. They also know all of the up-to-date building codes in your area, meaning that your furnace will be installed in accordance with all legal requirements.

Improperly installed furnaces, in addition to presenting possible code violations, can be prone to dangerous gas leaks and are not nearly as efficient as properly installed systems. Always rely on professional installation services. This option is quicker and safer, no matter what type of furnace you want installed.

Gas Furnace Repair: What You Need to Know

If you notice a spike in your utility costs, or hear strange noises coming from your gas furnace, your system might be in need of maintenance or repair. Just as you should rely on HVAC technicians for installation, you should always turn to those same technicians for repairs. Attempting to repair a heater without the proper experience and knowledge can be dangerous and very costly. Do not risk damaging your heater further by attempting your own repairs. Take advantage of HVAC technicians’ services.

The Choice Is Yours

A furnace is a large investment for any homeowner or business owner, and the decision about what kind of furnace to install is equally large. Consumers should carefully research their options and possibly confer with HVAC specialists to make the decision that works best for them. Relying on the expertise of professional technicians is always a good way to ensure that you will make the most informed decision possible.

If you decide on a gas furnace, you can then explore the range of individual system options. Talk with a dealer to make the right choice for your home or business, and then start enjoying the benefits of this efficient and economical option.